There is a need to have a spy or hidden camera for the workplace. When selecting the best hidden camera to secure your office space, there are different things you need to consider. You have to assess your needs and choose a hidden camera with the right features, capabilities, and enclosure. In this way, you may end up with a camera that suits your specific surveillance needs.

Blends with Surrounding Environment

spy cameraIt is advisable to take into account where you will put the hidden camera. Will you place it outdoors or indoors? Ensure you choose concealment that will not attract suspicion inside an office environment like a smoke detector, a picture, an adapter, a thermostat, or a wall clock. If you are tackling outdoor surveillance, a floodlight emergency light is likely to offer surveillance solution to monitor the loading docks and outdoor areas. When you choose a spy camera that blends with the given environment offers an extra layer of security.

Capture Right Level of Details

Do you need detailed images? To get a detailed video that offers facial identification, you should get a hidden camera that generates high-resolution images. You should consider a hidden camera that offers at least 700 TV lines of video. When considering the camera resolution, ensure it offers DVR’s recording resolution.

Consider Lighting Conditions

Are you planning to capture images in the dark or in ever-changing lighting conditions? You should choose a hidden camera that has a wide range of features like digital day/night capabilities, wide dynamic range, or IR array to help capture a clear image in different lighting environments and conditions. Another feature to look for is the dynamic range. Ensure you get a spy camera with WDR to produce clear images in different lighting conditions. For instance, if you want to capture quality images even at night, you should consider a camera with night vision.

Video Recording Solution

If you are planning to record the video with your spy camera, you have a lot of options. Connect the hidden camera to the security system. If you have got a video security system, then what you need is a spy camera that is compatible with the system. For example, if the spy camera does not have built-in DVR, you can buy a separate one or micro DVR for recording video. In this way, you can ensure you have a seamless video recording.