Fire watch service becomes your concern when you own or manage a commercial property. House owners can benefit from this service as well, though not in many cases. First, if you are Austin resident, check these Austin Fire Watch Services to learn directly about their duties. 

When Your Fire Alarm Malfunctions

When you find out that your alarm system malfunctioning, you must not take the matter lightly. While the alarm is being repaired, you can hire a fire watch service to guard your property. Please note that fire watch guards don’t put the fire off themselves, but they will help minimize the damage by patrolling the designated area once every hour. Besides, most fire watch services hire off duty firefighters. They will know what to do in case of fire. 

When Your Property Is Unoccupied

When a building is left unoccupied for a long time, the chances for it to be vandalized increases, or even worse, set to fire by arsonists. According to Statista, there were at least 35,138 cases of arson offenses in the US. Natural disasters can also cause a fire. Therefore, it is essential not to leave your property unguarded. And a fire watch service can be just the right solution for you in that situation. 

When the Sprinkler System Is Not Working

fire emergencyThe sprinkler system is the core of your fire protection system. The sprinklers are the device that puts the fire off, not the alarm. And just like other pieces of tools, they can be faulty. In that case, you will need fire watch guards to patrol your commercial premise just like if you get the alarm system not working. 

Don’t take this matter lightly, especially if you are the building manager. Please note that if any fire accident happens, you will be held responsible. 

When There Is an Event in Your Property

Unlike regular security guards, fire watch patrols are trained to handle the mass in case of fire. They can identify potential fire hazards, set patrol parameters, and take the right precautions to prevent fire. And for a big event that has hundreds of visitors or more, hiring a fire watch service is often obliged by the law. 

Let’s take a music festival, for example. It is not uncommon for today’s concerts to include some pyrotechnic performance. If the event at your property has the same concept, you must have fire watch guards on the site to be prepared for the worst. Besides, generator failures, electrical short circuits, and other fire-causing accidents are always there waiting for things to go wrong. If anything can go wrong, it will.